HuisAssist values your privacy. This privacy statement contains the necessary information to know how your personal data is handled and how it is stored.

The privacy policy applies to the website and the services offered via this website.

Who is the controller of your personal data?

HuisAssist is the controller of the personal data you provide to us and is responsible for your personal data under applicable data protection law. As the controller, HuisAssist can be reached via

Prins Hendrikkade 189B
1011 TD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce number: 71948120

What will happen to my data?

Once an application has been submitted, the applicant will receive an email confirming the application. At the last question in the application you indicate that you agree with the privacy statement. HuisAssist then processes the entered data and preferences. Based on this data, we select a maximum of four service providers that match the applicant's data.

If there is any doubt about the authenticity and/or authenticity of the application, it is possible to first contact us by e-mail or telephone to validate the application.

Once the request is correct, the data is forwarded to a maximum of four service providers. These service providers receive the details of your request by e-mail. The applicant will also receive an email listing the service providers. On the basis of the information entered by the applicant, the service providers will contact the applicant without obligation to inform the applicant about the options and rates. A request leads to data storage at five companies. At HuisAssist and at the service providers who have received the application.

The service providers that have received the application must adhere to the following privacy points:

– The data may only be used to inform the applicant about the required services, further dissemination of personal data to third parties is not permitted.

– If the applicant wishes to withdraw his application, HuisAssist will submit a request for deletion of your data to the service providers on the basis of the General Data Protection Regulation, which obliges the companies to delete the data.

How long is data kept?

The data entered will be kept by HuisAssist for 36 months. After this period, the name, e-mail address and telephone number will be deleted. The data regarding the house and preferences will be saved. This is for internal statistical analysis related to the actual sales of the houses.

The data is kept for 36 months in order to establish whether applications are being misused and must be excluded. In addition, HuisAssist strives to be able to carry out the process as optimally as possible.

Can I view, correct and/or delete my data?

Yes, if you submit an application and thus provide your personal data, you have the right of access, correction and deletion. You can submit a request to to request the registered data, to have it corrected and/or to have it completely removed. HuisAssist will then deal with and process your request as soon as possible. If deletion is desired, we will request the previously selected service providers to request deletion under the General Data Protection Regulation, which obliges the service providers to delete your data. With a request for deletion, all personal data will be deleted with the exception of house data, which are used for internal analyses. In this way, your identity and contact details will be deleted in accordance with the right to be forgotten.

Can I still withdraw my application after submitting the application?

Yes, the application is completely non-binding, whereby the application can be waived at any time for whatever reason. If this is the case, an email can be sent to The request will then be undone. If the request has already been forwarded to the service providers, HuisAssist will also send a request to these parties to delete the data on the basis of the General Data Protection Regulation and not to process it.

Can I file a complaint about the processing of my data?

Yes, if the applicant believes that data has been incorrectly processed, you can submit a complaint via HuisAssist will take the necessary steps in consultation with the applicant to correct, stop or undo the processing. The choice of the applicant is leading in this regard.

Am I obliged to provide my personal data?

An application on the website, with the provision of personal data, is completely voluntary. If someone does not wish to share their personal data, an application via the website can be waived.

HuisAssist can only process applications where the address and contact details are correct, because the four selected service providers can only inform and reach the applicant with the correct data. The moment HuisAssist notices that the application contains inaccuracies, you can choose not to process the application.

Will my data be processed manually or automatically?

The entered data is processed manually. HuisAssist processes this data to look for a suitable service provider for every request. HuisAssist selects a maximum of four different parties per service. The selection process to convert the application to a selection of four different service providers is based on the location, statistically demonstrable performance of the service providers and the stated preferences. When the selection process has been completed, HuisAssist manually forwards the data to the selected service providers.

Who will receive my data after submitting an application?

The personal data provided to HuisAssist is only processed by HuisAssist and a maximum of four service providers per service. The four parties provide a service that the applicant is looking for. The personal data will not be provided to third parties, such as other commercial bodies, bodies outside the European Union or international organisations.

This page was last updated on 30-06-2021