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What does a mortgage adviser do?

Why a
mortgage adviser?

Finding a suitable mortgage is not easy. First of all, it is important to know how much you can borrow or save on a mortgage transfer. A mortgage adviser will then advise you which mortgage and which mortgage provider best suits your needs and capabilities. In short, the advisor will help you find a mortgage that best suits your situation.

Mortgage advisor

No, a mortgage broker is not compulsory when you are buying a house. Nevertheless, a mortgage consultant is very important in finding a suitable mortgage. An independent mortgage consultant will compare different mortgage lenders and mortgages for you.

Taking out a mortgage without mortgage advice is also possible; this is often called an execution only. You then only pay the distribution costs for taking out the mortgage. Read a whole article on all the reasons why you need a mortgage advisor here.

mortgage advisers

HuisAssist compares several mortgage advisers for free and without obligation. These mortgage advisors do not have contracts with mortgage lenders. This allows them to compare different mortgages from different mortgage lenders. This allows them to see which mortgage from which mortgage provider suits you best.

Cost of a mortgage adviser

The cost of a mortgage adviser can vary widely. So keep in mind that distribution costs are also added. If you request advice through the mortgage lender, you often only pay the advisory fee. If you want to compare several mortgage lenders, you need an independent mortgage adviser. Wondering if you also need your own money to take out a mortgage? Read on immediately.

Note: You do not pay VAT on the costs of mortgage advice, even if you do not take out a mortgage. Only when you seek advice without buying a home, do you have to pay 21% VAT.

mortgage advice

HuisAssist compares independent mortgage advisers. These mortgage advisors have no contracts with mortgage lenders. This is why they compare different mortgages from different mortgage lenders. In this way, they look at which mortgage from which mortgage lender suits you best.

How do I find a mortgage advisor?

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Why a mortgage advisor via HuisAssist?

Free Guidance

HuisAssist provides free guidance during the purchase.

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Customised advice and personal assistance.

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Compare and save costs on a mortgage advisor.


We only refer to reliable advisers.


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You are not obliged to make an appointment.

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Frequently asked questions

The costs for a mortgage consultant vary. It takes an advisor on average between 20-30 hours to come up with a solid mortgage advice for you. The total cost is approximately between €1,600 and €3,500.

No, a mortgage adviser is not compulsory. However, it is recommended. Another option is to go directly to a mortgage lender. They will often only be able to offer you their own mortgage.

There are different types of mortgage advisers. An official independent mortgage adviser is required by law to be independent and may not receive any commission from the mortgage lender. However, there are also mortgage brokers who work with different mortgage lenders.

A mortgage advisor helps in finding the right mortgage for your situation. The mortgage consultant has knowledge of the current market and has insight into how the market will look in the future. This way, you can be sure that you are making the best mortgage choice. The mortgage consultant will calculate your maximum mortgage and which mortgage lender has the most favourable interest rates and conditions. This way, you’ll be best off in the long run.

A mortgage adviser is legally obliged to comply with the WFT. This is the  Dutch ‘Financial Supervision Act’. This is monitored by the Financial Markets Authority (AFM). This ensures that the mortgage adviser has the right papers to be able to carry out the work.

The costs of the mortgage advice are deductible from the income tax as far as they are related to the mortgage itself. Advice costs for insurances with the mortgage are unfortunately not deductible.

Assistance from A to Z when buying a house

HuisAssist is always available for you free of charge during the entire process of buying a new house. So both during the buying process and during the move. We provide advice throughout the entire process and always look for the best service providers. Whether you need a buying agent or the best deal for a handyman. In short, we can help you with everything.

Always the best deal

HuisAssist compares hundreds of specialists based on your preferences, so we have a suitable solution for everyone. We always look for the best deal for you, so you never pay too much.

Would you rather be helped with one step or service? No problem, we are happy to help you.

No, there are no obligations

Even if you only want to receive advice, we are happy to help. So every mail you receive is completely free of charge and without obligation. Don’t want to use our deals or specialists? No problem, it’s up to you!