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Health insurance in the Netherlands

Everyone who lives in the Netherlands is required to have basic health insurance. The Dutch government has determined that everyone is entitled to have medical necessary care. The government itself determines what is in the basic health insurance in the Netherlands. In addition, insurance providers determine what is supplementary and what is included in the additional insurance.

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Compulsory basic insurance for everyone

The basic insurance is a mandatory insurance that covers standard care, such as the costs of the family doctor, hospitalizations and medications from the pharmacy. However, it is important to know that most care in the basic package is subject to a deductible. The deductible is an amount you pay yourself when you use care from the basic package and are older than 18. 

There are some exceptions to this, such as doctor’s visits and obstetric care. The compulsory excess is set by the government at € 385 per year. This means that you must pay the first € 385 of healthcare costs covered by the deductible yourself. After paying the deductible, the health insurer will reimburse the remaining healthcare costs covered by the basic package. It is important to know that the deductible applies only to care from the basic package and not to supplementary insurance. It is therefore wise to consult the health insurer’s policy conditions prior to using care to avoid surprises.

If you want to pay less monthly for the health insurance, it is possible to extend the deductible fee to a maximum of € 800. Then you have to pay the first € 800 when you need medical assistance. This is quite common for young and fit people in the Netherlands.

Supplementary insurance

Supplementary insurance is an optional insurance you can use on top of your basic health insurance. It provides coverage for care which is not included in the basic health insurance, such as additional reimbursements for dentistry, physical therapy, physio and alternative medicine. There are different packages available that are determined by the health insurer and offer different terms and benefits. It is important to note that the government has no influence on the conditions and reimbursements of supplementary insurance.

Using supplementary health insurance is not mandatory and you can choose which insurance best suits your personal situation. It is important to tailor the supplementary insurance to your needs to avoid unnecessary costs. It is also good to know that health insurers have the right to refuse you for supplementary insurance, for example if you need a lot of care or if you are elderly. In practice, however, this hardly ever happens.

Tip: Look at the different insurances and the packages which include what type of treatments. This varies per health insurer.

Choose your own health insurance

When it comes to choosing your health insurance in the Netherlands, it is important to look carefully at your personal situation and needs. Basic health insurance is mandatory for everyone living in the Netherlands, but you can also choose to make use of supplementary health insurance options. This allows you to get extra coverage for physiotherapy, dental care or alternative medicine, for example.

It is also important to consider any special needs or principal concerns you may have. For example, you can choose an insurer that focuses on sustainability or pays special attention to certain health problems.

If you live in the Netherlands but work abroad, you can still get Dutch health insurance. However, you should be aware that coverage may be more limited than if you were working in the Netherlands.

If you have children, good news! Health insurance for children till 18 years old is free in the Netherlands. For example, you can choose insurance with extra coverage for maternity care, childbirth or dental care for children. 

Finally, it is good to know that every year you have the option to switch to a different health insurance provider in the Netherlands. This can be advantageous if, for example, you can get better coverage elsewhere or if you are not satisfied with the service of your current insurer. Please note that the switching period runs from mid-November through the end of December.

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