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Home insurance in the Netherlands

Home insurance, which is also known in Dutch as Opstal or Inboedel verzekering. For home insurance, there are various options which cover you for various events of damage, theft or unexpected events that may occur in your home. It is important to know the differences before you sign up for one of the insurance. The first option is the ‘opstalverzekering’ which is bricks-and-mortar insurance. The second option is ‘inboedelverzekering’ which is insurance that covers your belongings within the house.

Looking for different insurance? Have a look at the various insurances that are useful in the Netherlands.

Bricks and mortar insurance

The most basic home insurance is the Bricks and mortar insurance. When you buy a house with a mortgage in most cases this insurance is obligated to have. This insurance covers damage to the physical structure of the house. The damage includes walls, floors roof and fixtures. Other permanent installations are covered as well in this basic home insurance. This insurance protects the property of your house against damage and loss.

Fire and theft
home insurance

Second home insurance is another insurance that a lot of people in the Netherlands have. This insurance can be useful when you own or rent a house. It covers your personal belongings within the house, such as furniture, clothes, electronics, and jewellery. The fire and theft home insurance covers cases like theft, fire, or any other unexpected events.

Combined home insurance

It is also possible to combine both home insurances. This would result in a discount for the insurance. In the Netherlands, this will be the Opstalverzekering in combination with Inboedelverzekering. This would make sure that your house including all belongings inside the house is covered. The combined insurance helps a comprehensive coverage of all your belongings, including the house.

Tip: When you have valuable items, such as an expensive watch or neckless it is advisable to make use of valuables insurance, in Dutch this is a ‘kostbaarhedenverzekering’.

Best home insurance providers in the Netherlands

Centraal Beheer logo

Centraal Beheer Home Insurance

Centraal Beheer is an insurance company that is part of the Achmea group. The company was founded in 1909 in Amsterdam and moved to Apeldoorn in the 1970s. After a reorganisation in the late 1990s, Centraal Beheer is no longer formally a company, but a brand.

Rating: 8,6/10 · ‎3,659 reviews
Unive Insurance

Unive Home insurance

Univé is a non-profit cooperative insurer. Univé customers are in most cases also members of the cooperative. Univé is a non-profit, so this makes sure that prices are as competitive as possible. The home insurance of Univé is easy to request via the link.

Rating: 8,3/10 · ‎1,330 reviews
InShared Logo

InShared Home Insurance

If all customers from InShared do their best to prevent damage and we keep costs down, money is left over. And everyone benefits from that. This beautiful basic principle that makes insurance truly fairer works best if we all do it together.

Rating: 8,2/10 · ‎2,129 reviews

Other insurances in the Netherlands

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