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Appraiser in Amstelveen

When buying and selling a home, an appraisal is always an important aspect of the process. In addition, an appraisal can be important for other matters surrounding a home. These include taking out a mortgage or renovating the house. The appraiser in Amstelveen will help you determine the current home value in the current market. What is the task of the appraiser and what should you pay attention to when choosing a suitable appraiser?

What does an appraiser in Amstelveen do?

The appraiser in Amstelveen ensures that the current house value is mapped out. The appraiser does this by looking at various aspects of the house and its surroundings. The appraiser looks at the location of the house, the type of house, the surface area of the house and garden, and the current condition and current developments in the Amstelveen housing market. There are cases where an appraiser needs to conduct further research to arrive at the appraisal value. Some forms of these investigations are the soil conditions of the house and easements. After the appraiser has researched the Amstelveen home, the appraiser will prepare the appraisal report. Here there is still the option to have a validated NWWI appraisal report or a normal appraisal report.

Types of valuation reports

Normal valuation report

A normal valuation report is a report prepared by an appraiser who is registered in the register of the Dutch Register of Real Estate Appraisers. The report is not validated by the NWWI. In the normal report, the market value of the house is determined. This is all based on the appraiser in Amstelveen, where this will not be verified by anyone else.

NWWI valuation report

The NWWI valuation report does get validated by the NWWI. This is the Dutch Housing Value Institute, whereby the valuation meets the quality requirements set by this organization. Such a valuation report is more often accepted by banks and mortgage lenders. The reliability of the report is checked by a third party.

Advantages and disadvantages of NWWI valuation report

The advantage of a valuation in Amstelveen that has been validated by the NWWI is that it is accepted by every bank and mortgage lender. When applying for an NHG mortgage, this is a mandatory requirement, allowing you to demonstrate what the verified appraisal value of the home is.
The biggest disadvantage of an NWWI valuation report is that it is a lot more expensive. This is mainly because the entire appraisal report must meet quality requirements, which costs the appraiser extra time. In addition, the NWWI also checks the appraisal, which means someone has to look at it extra.

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Costs of an appraisal in Amstelveen

The cost of a home appraisal in Amstelveen can vary widely. This means it differs whether it has to be a validated or non-validated valuation report. In addition, the size and distance to the house also plays a role. The average costs of a non-validated report are between € 300 and € 500. However, you often need a NWWI validated valuation report, for which the costs vary between € 550 and € 900. It is therefore important that you look for an appraiser who can provide you with good advice and can value your home in Amstelveen for a competitive price.

When to perform an appraisal

An appraisal is not only important when buying a home. When purchasing, it is especially important when applying for your mortgage with the bank. The bank requires this because they want proof of the actual value of the home. Here you can get a maximum of 100% of the home value as a mortgage.

If you are going to renovate the house, you need an appraisal before and after. This can affect the amount of mortgage interest you pay. Once the home value goes up, the mortgage interest rate can go down.

In some cases, people use the appraised value when selling a house. The appraiser in Amstelveen will then give you the appraised value, giving you a good idea of the current market value of the house.

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Compare valuers in Amstelveen

Before you ask an appraiser to appraise your home in Amstelveen, it is important to compare the different appraisers. Here it is most important to check whether you receive the correct appraisal report, whether the appraiser works within the specified radius of 20 kilometres and whether you get the best price for the valuation. This way you can be sure that you do not pay too much for the valuation, this can save you as much as € 300.

Through HuisAssist you can easily request a comparison of different appraisers in Amstelveen. Hereby you will receive the 3 available appraisers who have the cheapest price for an NWWI valuation report.

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Yes, in Amstelveen a bilingual appraiser is very common. In Amstelveen there are a lot of expats living and buying houses. This is one of the major reasons that various appraisers in Amstelveen are bilingual.

In The Netherlands there is a rule that the appraisers only can valuate property when they are within 20 kilometers from the valuated property. So also in Amstelveen this is a rule, therefore all the appraisers have experience on the Amstelveen property market.

In Amstelveen there are already 29 appraisers located. Their office is in Amstelveen, however appraisers that are close to Amstelveen are also allowed to valuate property.