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Appraiser in Eindhoven

When you are going to buy a house, it is important for yourself but also for the mortgage application, to know the exact value and expected maintenance costs of the house in Eindhoven. An appraiser will help you with this during an appraisal of your house in Eindhoven. Would you like to know more about an appraisal, appraisal report, the costs of an appraisal and comparing appraisers in Eindhoven? Then read on below.

Appraiser for your home in Eindhoven

If you are going to buy a property in Eindhoven, a valuation is required when applying for a mortgage. Submitting a valuation report to the lender gives the bank a clear insight into the value of the property. If you are going to sell a home, an appraiser in Eindhoven can determine the value of the home, which can then be used as a guideline for the asking price.

Appraisal report NWWI

After the appraiser has thoroughly gone through the house in Eindhoven, a valuation report will be drawn up. This valuation report contains all the findings and conclusions. The appraisal report must comply with the guidelines of the NWWI, a validation institute. When the appraisal report of your home in Eindhoven, meets these guidelines, the appraisal is validated and can be seen as an official document.

The difference with a notary

An appraiser simply takes care of preparing the valuation report of the house. A civil-law notary ensures that all official documents and other paperwork are in order, such as drawing up a mortgage deed, deed of delivery, registration in the Land Register and the transfer of the property in Eindhoven.

The difference with a technical inspection

During an appraisal, an appraiser mainly looks at the market value of the house. The condition of the house will be taken into account, but this will not be discussed. An appraisal report, therefore, contains an estimate of the market value together with the expected maintenance costs, whereas a technical inspection report contains an overview of the technical condition per part of the property. In addition, an architectural report also contains an overview of the (possibly) expected repair and renovation costs.

Uitzicht Eindhoven

Cheap appraiser in Eindhoven

The costs you pay for an appraisal of your home in Eindhoven can vary greatly. This is because of the large supply of appraisers whereby they differ in experience and expertise. The costs for an appraisal in Eindhoven are far apart, the cheapest appraiser in Eindhoven is around €450 and the most expensive is around €850 (including VAT).

Compare appraisers in Eindhoven

Before calling in an appraiser, it is useful to compare the number of appraisers in Eindhoven. This will give you a good idea of the costs and experiences of others. HuisAssist can help you compare several appraisers, so you can quickly and easily find a suitable appraiser for your home in Eindhoven.

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All the appraisers in the area of Eindhoven have to understand the impact of the booming tech industry in Eindhoven and surroundings. When the appraiser has to valuate the property they will have a look at the property but also the surroundings. What is not included in the price, is the potential growth of Eindhoven due to the tech industry.

In Eindhoven there are 61 appraisers active. These appraiser are all located in Eindhoven. Other appraiser from surrounding cities can also valuate property in Eindhoven, but this has to be within a range of 20 kilometers. The 61 appraisers all have different qualities and specialities.

Yes there are different appraisers that are specialised in residential in Eindhoven. Other appraisers are specialised in commercial property. In Eindhoven its not common that one appraiser does both type of property.