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Appraiser in Groningen

To determine the exact value of a house, a licensed appraiser in Groningen can value the property and prepare a valuation report based on this appraisal. This gives you a clear overview and good insight into the value of the property. Read more about the function and tasks of an appraiser and how to compare appraisers in Groningen below.

Why has a valuation been carried out?

If you need to make important buying or selling decisions about a property, it is useful to enlist the help of an appraiser in Groningen. An appraiser is an independent, qualified person who determines the value of your house and records it in an appraisal report. The cost (and choice) of an appraiser in Groningen lies with the buyer of the house. However, as the seller, you are free to have the house valued in Groningen.

An appraiser in Groningen helps you draw up an appraisal report so you have insight into the value of the house. A valuation is carried out based on a validated NWWI appraisal report. During the appraisal, the following points, among others, are included in determining the value of the house: surface area of the house, energy efficiency, materials used and their quality, the living environment and the location of the house

Grote Markt Groningen

Appraiser for your home in Groningen

If you are about to buy a (new-build) home, have your home renovated, want to refinance a mortgage or for any other reason, an appraiser in Groningen will help you determine the value. For an appraiser in Groningen, his office must be located within a radius of no more than 30 kilometres from the house to be able to value the property. Therefore, it is important to look for a local appraiser in Groningen.

Valuation report NWWI

During the appraisal, the appraiser makes notes of the house, these notes are merged and elaborated into a valuation report after the appraisal. This report must comply with the requirements and guidelines drawn up by the NWWI. The Dutch Housing Value Institute is the institute that ultimately validates the valuation report. If you search for an appraiser via HuisAssist, you are guaranteed to be put in touch with an appraiser who meets these requirements.

Find a cheap appraiser in Groningen

Appraisers are allowed to set their prices for a property valuation in Groningen. As a result, prices can vary considerably. One appraiser brings more experience and/or expertise, which means the price will be higher compared to a less experienced appraiser. The costs for an appraiser to assess and prepare an NWWI appraisal report in Groningen are between € 400 – € 800. The costs also differ because one appraiser uses a fixed rate and the other appraiser sets the rate as a percentage of the determined value of the property.

Compare appraisers in Groningen

Before you contact an appraiser, it may be nice to compare the number of appraisers in Groningen. This will give you a good idea of the range of appraisers on offer and the difference in costs. This way, you will not unnecessarily pay too much for the valuation of your property. HuisAssist helps you find a suitable appraiser in Groningen by comparing appraisers. This will give you a good overview of the offer and the possibilities.

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