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Property valuation in Leiden

When looking for a suitable valuator in Leiden, there are several important aspects to consider. An appraisal can be necessary for several reasons, these are mainly the purchase of a house, the renovation of a house, a second mortgage or in case of a divorce. An appraisal report also helps you receive an independent report of your (new) home in Leiden. At HuisAssist we help you find an affordable valuator who meets all guidelines and regulations, such as the NWWI valuation report.

The task of a valuator in Leiden

A property valuator in Leiden should ensure that the current home value is assessed by an independent party. When you buy a house, you pay what you think the house is worth. However, this must be in line with the market, especially when a mortgage lender wants collateral. The valuator will research the condition of the home, its location, size and recently sold homes in the neighbourhood. In this way, the valuator in Leiden can prepare the valuation report, which you can use, for example, for your mortgage application.

NWWI valuation in Leiden

An NWWI valuation report is an appraisal performed by a valuator in Leiden who has the appraisal checked by the Dutch Housing Value Institute, the NWWI. This institute provides independent verification of the valuation provided by the valuator. The NWWI validates the valuation report according to the quality requirements.

A validated NWWI valuation report is mandatory when applying for a mortgage with the bank or mortgage lender. Not only a new mortgage requires an NWWI valuation in Leiden, but also other applications require the validated valuation. When you have to submit a valuation report to an authority, bank or mortgage lender, it almost always involves an NWWI valuation report.

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Reasons valuation in Leiden

Performing an appraisal in Leiden can be done for several reasons. Below are some key examples of why you need a valuation report.

  1. Buying a house: The moment your offer is accepted in Leiden, it is important to have your house appraised. This valuation report must be an NWWI valuation report. You must be able to demonstrate the value of the house to the bank or mortgage lender, which must be validated by an independent party.
  2. Renovation: If you are going to renovate your home, assuming it will increase in value, it is important to perform an appraisal before and after the renovation. With the appraisal report, you can apply for an additional mortgage to finance the remodel. Another option may be to reduce the mortgage interest rate because you have more surplus value on your home in Leiden.
  3. Inheritance or divorce: When you break up or the inheritance needs to be divided, it is important to determine the value of the house. Then the house can be divided based on the appraised value. Don’t you come to a mutual agreement? Then both parties can hire another valuator.
  4. Insurance: The moment you want insurance on your home, an appraisal may be required. This involves determining the rebuilding value.

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Cost of a property valuation in Leiden

The cost of an appraisal in Leiden varies by the valuator. This is because the valuator is allowed to determine the price of the valuation. A valuator’s price can differ due to the following points:

  • Size of the property
  • Complexity of the property, such as a monumental house
  • Valuator who has a full agenda
  • A real estate agent who does not want to perform appraisals
  • Purpose of the appraisal

These are just a few points where the price of an appraisal in Leiden differs. When an appraiser has a full agenda, the valuator will not easily go down with the price, however when the agenda is still empty then a lower price for the valuation report is still possible. Another point is that not all brokers like to perform valuations, this is the reason why these valuators are a lot more expensive when you receive the same valuation report.

Because the price may be determined by the valuators, the prices vary by region. At HuisAssist we know that there are valuers who value your property in Leiden for prices between € 350 and € 850. It is therefore advisable to compare valuators in Leiden. This way you can be sure that you have the best price for the same NWWI valuation report.

Good to know, the costs of an appraisal in Leiden for a mortgage application are tax deductible. At that point, the valuation costs are deductible for income tax purposes.

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