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Technical inspection in Eindhoven

To get a good insight into the technical condition of your house, it is advisable to have a technical inspection carried out for your house in Eindhoven. This will give you a good idea what the possible defects are and whether there is any overdue maintenance of the house in Eindhoven. More information about what a technical inspection involves, why you should have one carried out and tips for finding an inspector in Eindhoven can be found below.

What is a technical inspection?

There are different names for a technical inspection, including building inspection or building survey. However, they cover the same inspection with an accompanying inspection report. During this inspection, an independent inspector will come to your house in Eindhoven to give it a thorough check-up. The entire house will be inspected to get a good idea of the current state of each part and the possible repair or renovation costs of parts that are in a less-than-perfect condition.

The findings of the inspection are written down in detail and explained in a report that you will receive afterwards.

Walk-in inspection

If you have your eye on a house in Eindhoven and want to know what the condition of the house is before you make an offer, you can have a walk-in inspection carried out. An inspector will accompany you during the viewing and will point out any defects and parts that are not in good condition. This will immediately give you an idea of the possible additional costs for the house in Eindhoven. A walk-through inspection is less extensive and detailed than a technical inspection for a house in Eindhoven.

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When to have a technical
inspection in Eindhoven?

A technical inspection for a house in Eindhoven is always carried out to find out/be sure about the technical condition of the house. By having the house extensively inspected, you know where you stand when it comes to costs for repairs and repairs in both the short and long term. A technical inspection in Eindhoven can also be carried out when you are in negotiations, when the deed of sale has already been signed or when applying for a mortgage.  But usually, you perform the technical inspection in Eindhoven before the purchase.

Purchase under reservation 

If you are in negotiations for the house in Eindhoven, you can take the technical condition or a maximum amount of possible expected costs of the house as resolutive conditions. This means that before signing the deed of sale, you have a technical inspection of the house in Eindhoven carried out. The results of the inspection can then possibly dissolve the conditions of sale. This gives you the assurance that you know where you stand before you sign the deed of sale. 

It is therefore possible to have a technical inspection carried out after signing the purchase agreement.

Legal cooling-off period

After signing the sales contract, you have three days to think about it. You could choose to have a technical inspection carried out for your new home in Eindhoven during this reflection period. This will give you the security of the house because the deed has already been signed, and you will also know the condition of the house and the possible costs for maintenance and defects. The construction report plays an important role here.

Mortgage application

Many mortgage lenders take a technical report as a condition for taking out a mortgage. This allows them to know what the possible risks of the house are. This mainly applies to a mortgage with NHG, also known as the National Mortgage Guarantee. Find out in advance whether your mortgage lender requires a technical inspection.

The costs for
a technical inspection

The cost of having a technical inspection done in The Hague for a house varies from one inspection company to another and depends on the comprehensiveness of the inspection and the size of the house. Inspectors may base the cost on the size of the house or a flat rate. For a technical inspection in The Hague, costs range between € 330 and € 500 (including VAT).

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What is checked during
a technical inspection?

Because the whole house is thoroughly inspected during a technical inspection, many different points and parts are looked at. Before starting to inspect the house, the inspector will go through these points with you. Of course, it is also possible to add points if you want to know more about a specific part. Below is a list so you know what will be checked for each point of interest during the technical inspection.

Points of interest  What is checked
Electrical installation
  • Visual check on safety and maintenance
Heating installation
  • Visual check on safety and maintenance
  • Water and gas pipes
  • Roof tiles
  • Gutter
  • Chimney
  • Roof insulation
Moisture measurement (penetrating and rising damp)
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Height differences
  • Cracks in the wall
  • Are the floors straight 
  • Window frames
  • Doors
  • Windows

Compare technical inspectors
in Eindhoven

To get a better idea of the costs and experiences of other people’s technical inspections, it is useful to compare several technical inspectors in Eindhoven beforehand. The costs involved in a technical inspection can differ per inspector, in Eindhoven these costs are between € 350 and € 500 (including VAT).

HuisAssist helps you with this comparison so you can easily find a suitable technical inspector for your home in Eindhoven.

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