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Technical Inspection Amersfoort

A technical inspection in Amersfoort for your home can be useful for several reasons. A technical expert, also called a technical inspection, Is an inspection of a property where the technical condition of the house is checked by an expert. The expert will come by and after 1 or 2 hours he will have gathered enough information to draw up an architectural report.

In this report, the condition of each part of the house is listed. So you can see what needs to be addressed immediately, what needs to be looked at over time, and what is in good condition. You will also get an indication of the repair costs. Because of the technical inspection in Amersfoort, you know exactly what to expect of the house and you will not be confronted with any unpleasant surprises.

Reasons to have technical inspection in Amersfoort

A technical inspection in Amersfoort is mainly done to make sure you do not make a wrong purchase. The building expert inspector from Amersfoort will have experience with the houses and knows exactly where the attention points are of the house.

Besides knowing whether or not you are making a good purchase, you also know exactly what the costs will be for a possible renovation, which can also influence the amount of mortgage you want to take out. In addition, many mortgage lenders require an architectural report anyway. After all, they are at risk with the loan provided.

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When to do a technical inspection

If you would like to do a technical inspection in Amersfoort you can of course decide when you want to do it. Unless it is required by the mortgage lender, then it will have to be done before the purchase.

You can do the technical inspection for the house in Amersfoort before the purchase in overlap with the selling party. This way you can be sure that you do not incur unnecessary costs, but you do run the risk of losing the house to another buyer.

You can also buy the house subject to building inspection. In this case, you sign the contract of sale which must contain the words “subject to technical inspection”. The building expert inspector from Amersfoort will then come and perform the inspection and if the damage to the house exceeds a certain amount, the buyer may renounce the purchase.

When do you schedule technical inspection?

Of course, you decide when to have a building inspection. Most people who have a home inspected do so before buying or sign a purchase agreement subject to a building inspection.

When a house in Breda is for sale and you are very enthusiastic but skeptical about its structural condition? Then you can have a building inspection carried out in consultation with the selling party. The risk is that when another buyer comes along who is immediately willing to buy the house, you are too late.

You can also carry out the building inspection in Breda after you have signed the purchase agreement. So you can sign the purchase agreement subject to a building inspection. Up to 17 days after the purchase you can cancel the purchase based on the structural inspection report. The damage has to be demonstrable and above a certain amount.

Is a technical inspection required?

A building inspection in Amersfoort is not always mandatory. It may be that your mortgage lender requires this, in which case you must of course be able to prove an architectural report. When you are a starter and want to get an NHG-mortgage (National Mortgage Guarantee) it is always mandatory to have an architectural inspection.

A building inspection is not always mandatory, but it is recommended by the NVM (Dutch Cooperative Association of Estate Agents and Valuers). You often do not have the knowledge yourself and when you look at what a building inspection in Amersfoort costs, it is definitely worth it.

Costs building inspection Amersfoort

A technical inspection in Amersfoort can vary significantly in terms of cost. There are many providers and they determine their own rates. It is therefore always useful to compare and get current quotes from various parties. In Amersfoort a technical inspection costs between € 325 and € 450. This takes into account average prices.

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Building inspection checkpoints

Points of attention What will be checked
Electrical installation
  • Visual inspection for safety and maintenance
  • Visual inspection for safety and maintenance
  • Water and gas pipes
  • Roof tiles
  • Gutter
  • Chimney
  • Roof insulation
Moisture measurement (penetrating and rising damp)
  • Flooring
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Frames
  • Doors
  • Windows

Compare technical inspections Amersfoort

There are many options for a technical inspection in Amersfoort. It is up to the parties to choose what a building inspection costs and there are many providers. HuisAssist compares all technical inspections in Amersfoort for free and without obligation and sends you the best deals when offered.

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