Legal insurance in the Netherlands

Legal insurance, which is in the Netherlands “rechtsbijstandverzekering”, helps to ensure you cover the legal expenses that arise from litigation and disputes. In the Netherlands, it is very common to have legal insurance due to the very high costs. Examples of legal issues are when you have been fired and need help advice when your company is restructuring.

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What’s Legal insurance in the Netherlands?

Legal insurance is insurance that covers all cost that is associated with legal proceedings. In the Netherlands, there are different legal insurances for private and business legal protection. This type of insurance covers a wide variety of legal care, such as employment issues, personal injury claims and property damage.

How does legal insurances work?

In the Netherlands, you can add legal insurance as an add-on to other types of insurance. This can be done with home or car insurance. Down below it is possible to buy legal insurance without any other add-ons. Of course, the cost varies per insurance company and what legal aspects are covered.

The costs that are covered by legal insurance in the Netherlands are legal fees, court costs, and all other expenses. At some insurances, it is also possible to cover the mediation and arbitration processes.

Benefits of the legal insurance

Below you will find the most stand-out benefits for individuals in the Netherlands. Some of the most important benefits to have legal insurance:

  • Free access to legal advice: Legal insurance helps you to access legal advice, even if you normally cannot afford it.
  • Save costs: Legal insurance makes sure that the legal fees are affordable when you have a serious legal issue, which can be very costly.
  • Peace of mind: Legal insurance helps peace of mind as you know that in extreme issues you’re backed by a large insurer.
  • Protected by legal rights: Your insurer helps you to protect yourself from the law by providing all available resources you need to fight when being in a legal battle.

Our best legal insurance providers in the Netherlands

Centraal Beheer logo

Centraal Beheer Legal Insurance

Centraal Beheer is an insurance company that is part of the Achmea group. The company was founded in 1909 in Amsterdam and moved to Apeldoorn in the 1970s. Centraal Beheer is one of the biggest insurers in the Netherlands, which make sure that their customer service is very helpful and prices are competitive.

Rating: 8,6/10 · ‎3,659 reviews
Unive Insurance

Univé Legal insurance

Univé is a non-profit cooperative insurer. Univé customers are in most cases also members of the cooperative. Univé is a non-profit, so this makes sure that prices are as competitive as possible. The legal insurance of Univé is easy to request via the link.

Rating: 8,3/10 · ‎1,330 reviews
InShared Logo

InShared Legal Insurance

If all customers from InShared do their best to prevent damage and they keep costs down, money is left over. And everyone benefits from that. This beautiful basic principle that makes insurance truly fairer works best if we all do it together.

Rating: 8,2/10 · ‎2,129 reviews

Other insurances in the Netherlands

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In The Netherlands the legal insurance (Dutch: Rechtsbijstandverzekering) is there to cover all cost and expenses when there are legal proceedings. Both individuals and companies can have such a legal insurance in  The Netherlands. A legal insurance in The Netherlands is not obliged to have.

A legal insurance is not obligated to have when you are living in The Netherlands. However, it is advised to have such an insurance. The only insurance in The Netherlands that is obliged to have is health insurance.

The Dutch healthcare system requires everyone in The Netherlands to have health insurance. Therefore, you are obligated to have such health insurance. Other insurances, as the legal insurance are not obliged only advised to have.

Yes, unfortunately all legal insurances in The Netherlands are in Dutch. The big companies have websites which you need to translate yourself. However, these are the most renowned insurers in the Netherlands. Their terms and conditions are very good, which makes them reliable.