Different type of insurances in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands there are various insurances, which are useful, and some insurances are mandatory when you’re registered in the Netherlands. For instance, the health insurance is mandatory to have in the Netherlands. You cannot be not insured for health care. Another mandatory insurance is to have a car insurance when you have a car in the Netherlands. The different insurances in the Netherlands can be requested via insurance companies, banks, or insurance comparison platforms. At HuisAssist we will show the different insurances which there are, and companies where you can request insurances.

Home Insurance (woonverzekering)

When you own or rent a house in the Netherlands, there are multiple insurances which are useful to have. The different home insurances all have a different purposes. Read more to discover what kind of home insurances there are and where you can find the best home insurances.

Car insurance
(auto verzekering)

When you own a car, the car insurance is obligated to have in the Netherlands. With this insurance you have various options, how you can be insured. Read more to discover the different options and where you can collect your insurance best.

Legal insurance

Legal insurance helps you when you have issues regarding legal problems. This can happen when you get fired, and you need help with arranging a good settlement. Or you don’t agree with the process, the insurance cover the additional costs for this.

Health insurance

In the Netherlands everyone is obligated to have the basic health insurance. You can switch each year in December to a new health insurance provider. If you are a resident or employed in the Netherlands, the health insurance is required. Read further for the best providers and a more extensive explanation of this insurance.

Social insurance

If you are working in the Netherlands you are obliged to have a social insurance. You are obliged to pay the government social security payments. This is done by your employer. However, there are also different insurances which you can use when you are working in the Netherlands.

Self-employed insurance

In the Netherlands, when you are self-employed it is not mandatory to have certain insurances regarding being ill, become invalid or unemployed. However, it is possible to have an insurance for these options.

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