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Car insurance providers in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, car insurance is mandatory for all registered vehicles. Of course, it is also necessary to protect all drivers financially when an accident or damage occurs. When you are coming to the Netherlands or just bought a car in the Netherlands it is important to understand how car insurance works in the Netherlands. You need to know what options you have and what are the minimal requirements to avoid legal issues. Once you know the options, HuisAssist can help you find the best car insurance providers.

Looking for different insurance? Have a look at the various insurances that are useful in the Netherlands.

Types of car insurance in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, there are different contracts you can have for car insurance. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the difference between the contracts. The first one is a bare minimum contract, while the best insurance is one where almost everything is covered.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance, also known as ‘WA-verzekering’, is the insurance that is the minimum car insurance that is required in the Netherlands. This insurance only covers any damages that you cause to others. It includes damage to their property and personal injuries. Keep in mind, that this car insurance does not cover any damages to your car. Therefore, this insurance is mostly used by people where the value of the car is not very high. When you have a more expensive car it would be wise to be better insured.

Partial casco insurance
(beperkt casco verzekering)

This partial casco insurance covers the same as the previously mentioned liability insurance plus it covers certain damages to your car. With this car insurance, the following damages are covered to your car: theft, fire, and weather conditions such as hail and storms.

Full casco insurance
(allrisk verzekering)

The full casco insurance is the most extensive insurance that there is in The Netherlands. This insurance is also the most expensive in the Netherlands. The insurance covers all damages to your own car, including damages that occur during a collision.

Requirements for
a car insurance

The cost of different car insurance in the Netherlands varies on many different factors. This is also the reason that it is not clear to foreigners how this system works. The different factors from a car insurance vary on:

  • The type of car insurance
  • Your age
  • Your driving experience
  • Your car and the value of the car
  • Your location
  • Your claim history

Advantage of driving years without any claims

In the Netherlands you get a lot of discounts on your car insurance when you don’t claim your car insurance, this is called the ‘schade vrije jaren’. Each insurance asks the number of years that you’ve driven without any damage. The number of years can be up to 9 years without any damage. Then you can get up to 50% discount on your car insurance. You must be able to prove how many claim-free years you have, by providing your previous car insurance policy.

Best car insurance providers in the Netherlands

Centraal Beheer logo

Centraal Beheer Car Insurance

Centraal Beheer is an insurance company that is part of the Achmea group. The company was founded in 1909 in Amsterdam and moved to Apeldoorn in the 1970s. After a reorganisation in the late 1990s, Centraal Beheer is no longer formally a company, but a brand.

Rating: 8,6/10 · ‎3,659 reviews
Unive Insurance

Unive Car insurance

Univé is a non-profit cooperative insurer. Univé customers are in most cases also members of the cooperative. Univé is a non-profit, so this makes sure that prices are as competitive as possible. The home insurance of Univé is easy to request via the link.

Rating: 8,3/10 · ‎1,330 reviews
InShared Logo

InShared Car Insurance

If all customers from InShared do their best to prevent damage and we keep costs down, money is left over. And everyone benefits from that. This beautiful basic principle that makes insurance truly fairer works best if we all do it together.

Rating: 8,2/10 · ‎2,129 reviews

Other insurances in the Netherlands

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